Warhammer: Unofficial 9th Edition

Warp-grinder Mishap Chart

1-2Cave-in!Total collapse!The Weapon Team and its parent unit are instantly killed.
3-5Partial Collapse.The warp generator fizzles out as the Warp-grinder nears the surfaceSome of the models may claw their way topside, although the Warp-grinder is removed as a casualty. Make a Strength test for each model in the parent unit, if passed the model is placed as normal. Models that fail are removed as casualties. Any models that survive may not move or charge on the turn they emerge after a Partial Collapse. If the models emerge into close combat they have the Always Strikes Last special rule for the remainder of the turn.
6Should Have Taken That Left Turn.The tunnellers get lost!Your opponent places the marker anywhere within 18" of the original positon on the table and this is where the Weapon Team and its parent unit emerge. They cannot move or charge on the turn they emerge, as they are too busy blaming each other for the error.

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