Warhammer: Unofficial 9th Edition

Treacherous Gits (Regiments of Renown)

Oglah Khan's Hobgoblins must test for Treachery at the beginning of each of your turns. Roll a D6. If you roll 2 or more, the unit has passed the test and may fight normally. If the dice roll is 1 then the unit has been affected by Treachery.

To determine what the unit does roll a D6 and consult the table below. Note that you do not need to test if the unit is already engaged in close combat, less than 5 models strong, or fleeing.

1Traitor!The Hobgoblins halt and shoot at the nearest regiment in their own army! Turn the Hobgoblins towards the unit and resolve the shooting immediately. Note that shooting due to Treachery is worked out before normal shooting. The Hobgoblins do nothing else this turn. If there isn't an eligible victim, the Wolf Boyz will Stay 'Ere instead (see below) while they argue about who to fight for.
2-5We Stayz ‘Ere!The Hobgoblins refuse the shoot or charge the enemy, though otherwise they may act normally.
6Hiiyaaarrghh!The Hobgoblins decide to fight till the bitter end! No further Treachery tests are made for the duration of the battle, and the unit may act normally this turn.

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