Warhammer: Unofficial 9th Edition

The Ravens

The two Ravens soar around the Ravenswyrd at all time, lending him great power on unknown origin.

Each of the two Ravens gives the Ravenswyrd an additional Attack that are resolved at Weapon Skill 3 and Strength 3. These attacks do not benefit from any bonuses or Magic Weapons.

If the Ravenswyrd is wounded, roll a D6 for each wound suffered. On a 2+, the Ravenswyrd may ignore the wound and reduce his Strength, Toughness or Attacks by 1 instead. On a 1, one of his Ravens are slain instead. If both Ravens are killed then the Ravenswyrd will also die and is removed from the table.

In addition, roll a D6 at beginning of the Norse turn. On a roll of a 6 the Ravenswyrd may increase his Strength, Toughness or Attacks by 1. This increase may not take it above the Ravenwyrd's starting characteristics.

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