Warhammer: Unofficial 9th Edition


Skink Cohorts may include a number of Kroxigor as upgrades to form a mixed unit. When a mixed unit deploys or reforms, these Kroxigor must be placed in the unit's second rank, displacing Skink models as necessary to the back rank. When deploying or reforming a mixed unit, the width of the unit's front rank cannot be less than that of its second rank. If no more Kroxigor can fit in the unit's second rank, place the remaining Kroxigor in subsequent ranks. If the unit's front rank is ever reduced so that its width is less than the width of the second rank, a Kroxigor must immediately move to the front rank (displacing rank and file models if necessary).

Whenever you are required to work out the mixed unit's frontage or ranks (and therefore supporting attacks and rank bonus) count as if the footprint of the entire mixed unit was filled with Skinks.

Unless otherwise stated, close combat attacks can only target Kroxigor within a mixed unit if an enemy model is either in base contact with a Kroxigor, or if an enemy model is in base contact with a Skink who is in turn in base contact with a Kroxigor. Stomps are always resolved against the Skinks (if all the Skinks are slain, any excess hits are lost). Missile and Impact Hits against a Skink Cohort that contains one or more Kroxigor are randomised by rolling a D6; on a 1-4, the hit is resolved against a Skink, on a 5-6 it is resolved against a Kroxigor. However, if a mixed unit of five or more models is hit by a bolt thrower, the shot always hits the closest non-character model to the bolt thrower. If this hit results in a casualty, resolve a hit against the next model in the bolt's path each time a casualty is caused.

Casualties are always taken from the rearmost rank of the appropriate model type. Skink models that are in base contact with a friendly Kroxigor model have the Fear special rule.

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