Warhammer: Unofficial 9th Edition

Scraplauncher Misfire Table

Roll on the following table if a misfire is rolled.

1Kerrr-unch!The scraplauncher comes apart in a shower of metal, wood and broken Gnoblar limbs. The scraplauncher is destroyed.
2Groink?!?The scraplauncher malfunctions dramatically, sending a hatchet at high speed right into the Rhinox's most tender regions. The scraplauncher may not shoot this turn, and from now on it has the Random Movement (2D6) special rule, and will move in a random direction.
3-4Splang!The scraplauncher sprays debris in all directions, but mainly straight up (which soon comes straight back down again)! The model suffers one Wound with no armour saves allowed, and may not shoot this turn or in the controlling player's next turn.
5-6It's Mine!The Scrappers squabble over a shiny thing found nearby and may not fire this turn. =

  • Scraplauncher Catapult

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