Warhammer: Unofficial 9th Edition

Prayers of Myrmidia

Priestesses of Myrmidia know the three Prayers listed below. Prayers of Myrmidia are innate bound spells (power level 3). Prayers are augment spells that target the Priestess of Myrmidia and her unit.

  • Command the Legion: The Priestess pray to Myrmidia to lend her strength to her words, and shout out her orders. The Priestess gains the Inspiring Presence special rule. Remains in play.

  • Shield of Myrmidia: The Priestess blesses her allies with Myrmidia's protection. The Priest and her unit add +1 to their armour saves, and gain the Ward Save (5+) rule against missile attacks. Remains in Play.

  • Spear of Myrmidia: The Priestess' weapon becomes infused with the power of Myrmidia. The Priestess and her unit gain +1 Strength, Armour Piercing (1) and Magical Attacks special rules. Remains in Play.

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