Warhammer: Unofficial 9th Edition

Pick Up and... (Troll Hag)

The Giant River Troll Hag stoops down to grab hold of her terrified victim.

The Troll Hag stoops down and grabs a single Character in base contact from the target unit (Troll Hag's choice). The Troll Hag grabs the model and the player rolls a D6 to see what happens next:

1Stuff into NetThe Troll Hag crams the victim into her net, to be eaten (or worse) later on at her leisure.The model is effectively removed as a casualty and can do nothing whilst in the bag, but if the Troll Hag should be slain, any enemy trapped in its bag are freed at the end of the battle, and no longer counts as casualties.
2Toss BackThe Troll Hag eyes the writhing morsel sceptically, before deciding to toss it back where it came from like a living missile.The victim suffers D3 Strength 6 Hits which Ignores Armour saves, and D6 Strength 3 hits are inflicted on the unit (save as normal).
3Send PackingThe Troll Hag picks her victim up and hurls it towards the nearest body of water, there to serve in her watery lair as her slave for the rest of its mercifully short existence.The Troll Hag will attempt to throw the victim in the nearest water feature (such as a river, marsh or swamp) within 12". The victim is automatically removed as a casualty unless they have the Aquatic special rule in which case the model lands unharmed in the water. If no water feature is in range, treat this as a Toss Back result instead.
4SquishThe victim is squished to a pulp in the Troll Hag’s clammy grasp.The model is removed as a casualty.
5GobbleThe Troll Hag stuffs her victim into her slobbering mouth, its muffled cries terminated with a hideous crunch.The model is removed as a casualty.
6Pick AnotherThe Giant River Troll Hag stuffs her victim into her net to be consumed later.Treat the attack as if the Troll Hag had rolled the Stuff into Net result, and then choose another victim. Roll again on this table to see what the Troll Hag does with it.

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