Warhammer: Unofficial 9th Edition

Master of Ancient Lore

Thorek receives a +1 bonus on all his attempts to cast the Anvil of Doom’s bound spells. In addition, Thorek knows the following Rune:

  • Rune of Doom: When Kurgaz forged the Anvils of Doom many centuries ago the most potent rune they had beaten onto them was the Rune of Doom, after which they were named. However, this rune is so difficult and dangerous to use that its secret has almost been lost. Some have not ever dared to use it or have never seen a threat they deemed sufficient to warrant its power. Others have tried and failed to contain and focus its might and their anvils have been torn apart by the uncontrolled energies. Today, the only remaining Runelord who has the skill and courage to attempt it is Thorek Ironbrow. When this rune is struck, the air grows chill and the skies turn dark. Ghostly forms of ancient warriors appear amidst the Dwarfs on the battlefield, bolstering their ranks and their courage. These are not ghosts as such, but a manifestation of the Dwarfs' own grim and doom-laden nature. Their anger at the loss of their mighty civilisation and the desecration of their Holds fills them with a righteous fury that is terrible to behold, and their normally grim faces are set with an expression of black vengeance. Innate bound spell (power level 3). The Rune of Doom is an augment spell that targets every friendly Dwarf unit within 24". The target units gain the Fear special rule until the start of the next friendly Magic phase.

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