Warhammer: Unofficial 9th Edition

Kraggi, Assistant at the Forge

Kraggi, the best of Thorek's assistants, accompanies him to battle and helps him by preparing some of the runes. Most of the time this is a big help and speeds things up, but occasionally his lack of experience (he's hardly been smithing a century) lets him down and he makes a mistake.

Kraggi is represented on the tabletop by a separate miniature that always remains as close as possible to Thorek’s Anvil of Doom. The model itself plays no part in the game; if it gets in the way, simply move it to one side. If Thorek is slain, Kraggi is also removed.

Thorek can re-roll a single dice on a failed attempt to cast one of the innate bound spells of the Anvil of Doom per turn. If this re-rolled dice rolls a 1, Kraggi has done something wrong and Thorek takes a Strength 10 hit. Kraggi is then removed from play and the Kraggi, Assistant at the Forge special rule cannot be used again for the rest of the game.

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