Warhammer: Unofficial 9th Edition

Doomwheel Mishap Chart

1-2Disaster.The Doomwbeel suffers a partial meltdown and begins to glow a luminous greenish tint.The Doomwheel immediately takes D6 Strength 6 hits and many of the treadmill rats succumb to the toxic leak of power. From now on roll one less D6 for the Doomwheel's movement. If reduced to zero dice the Doomwheel is removed as a casualty.
3-5Out of Control.The screeching feedback of the warpstone has jammed the sternwheel.If the Doomwheel is unengaged, it immediately moves in a random direction determined by the scatter dice. If it hits any unit (friend or foe) the Doomwheel inflicts Impact Hits as normal and counts as charging if the unit is an enemy. In the case of a Doomwheel hitting a friendly unit, resolve Impact Hits immediately after contact and then move the Doomwheel back 1".
6Burst of Speed.The overheated warpstone reinvigorates the treadmill rats to perform truly inspired wheel-spinning as never before.The Doomwheel gains the Random Movement (4D6) special rule.

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