Warhammer: Unofficial 9th Edition

Curse of Aenarion

The Lords of Aenarion are descended from the first of the Phoenix Kings: the doomed Aenarion. As such they are tainted by the cursed blood of their ancestor. This curse has given them all the battle-prowess of their great grand-sire, but also some of his incipient madness. However, all of Aenarion's line are destined for greatness, and as such Lords of Aenarion have been marked by the hand of Fate.

As soon as a model with this special rule is reduced to 1 Wound he gets a Ward save (3+) for the rest of the battle. This has no effect on attacks that would outright kill him before he is reduced to 1 Wound, like a spell or attack with the Multiple Wounds special rule. If he were to suffer multiple Wounds in a single phase, roll one save at a time (if he has any) for each Wound suffered until his Ward save takes effect.

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