Warhammer: Unofficial 9th Edition

Animal Form

At the start of each round of close combat in which they are fighting, models with this special rule choose one of the following Animal Forms, the effect of which lasts until the end of that turn or until a new dance is chosen. This is done before Impact Hits are resolved. All Alters in the same unit must choose the same dance. Alters cannot choose the same Animal Forms in two consecutive rounds of combat.

  • Bear: The Alters grow thick muscles, allowing them to strike harder against the foe.
    While in this form, the model gains +1 Strength.

  • Boar: The hide of the Alters thicken, making them able to withstand stronger blows.
    While in this form, the model gains +1 Toughness.

  • Wolf: The Alters grow long fangs and claws that cuts deep, making them more savage in combat.
    While in this form, the model gains +1 Attack and the Armour Piercing (1) special rule.

  • Stag: The Alters sprout long horns from their heads, which they use to pierce the flesh of their foe on the charge.
    While in this form, the model gains the Impact Hits (1) special rule with Strength Bonus (1).

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