Warhammer: Unofficial 9th Edition

Remaining Moves

With all your charges and compulsory moves attended to, you can now move the rest of your army. While it might lack the drama of the charge, the remaining moves sub-phase is no less important. It is here that you'll manoeuvre your units in order to set up your own charges of future turns, as well as attempt to deny future charges your opponent will wish to make. Remaining moves can also be used to manoeuvre missile troops and wizards so that they have suitable targets, seize important areas of the battlefield, and so on...

Moving Your Units

During the Remaining Moves sub-phase, units that did not charge, flee, rally or compulsorily move this Movement phase, and which are not engaged in combat, can now move and perform manoeuvres.

The player picks one of their units and moves it a distance up to the unit's Move value (M) in inches. Once the chosen unit has finished its movement, the player can pick and move another unit, until all the eligible units the player wishes to move have done so.

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