Warhammer: Unofficial 9th Edition

Miscast Table

2-3Loss of PowerThrough a combination of luck and skill, the Wizard manages to dissipate most of the spell's excess energy, leaving them with a splitting headache.The Wizard cannot attempt to cast further spells this phase.
4Lost ConcentrationThe magical energies backlash as the Wizard loses their concentration.The opposing player may immediately cast any one of their own spells of the same casting difficulty rating or less. No casting roll is required – the spell is automatically cast – but it can be dispelled by the player whose turn it is as normal (by using power dice in the same way as dispel dice). They need to beat the basic casting value of the spell to dispel it.
5Magical FeedbackThe Wizard disperses the excess magical energy, but the resulting feedback leaves them unable to harness the Winds of Magic for a time.The Wizard and every model on the same side within 12" that can channel/generate power or dispel dice suffer a Strength 4 hit as a result of the magical backlash. The Wizard cannot attempt to cast further spells this phase.
6Power DrainA massive vortex of power drains away the sorcerous energy.The casting player loses D3 dice from the power pool.
7DetonationThe Wizard's body is wracked by a discharge of pure magical energy, warping and burning everything in his close proximity.The Wizard and all models in base contact with him suffer a Strength 10 hit.
8AmnesiaThe caster mispronounces one of the secret words of power binding the power of the spell, triggering an anomaly and suffers from amnesia.The caster forgets how to cast the spell and will not be able to cast it again during this battle.
9Calamitous DetonationIn their battle to contain the roiling energies, the Wizard somehow manages to make the situation worse, feeding more power into what promises to be a devastating explosion.Centre the small round template over the Wizard – every model underneath the template suffers a Strength 10 hit (including the foolish Wizard – they do not benefit from Look Out Sir! in this case).
10Daemonic PossessionThe caster's mind is ravaged by the power of a hideous Daemon who's attention the spellcaster has drawn.The caster suffers one Strength 10 hit and loses a Wizard level and their highest levelled spell. If the caster reaches Level 0, he stops counting as a Wizard for all purposes and therefore will not be able to use any arcane magic items he is carrying (see the Magic Items section).
11Dimensional CascadeThe summoned magics wrench free of the Wizard's control, laying waste to anyone unfortunate enough to be nearby as the collected magical power explodes in a ball of energy.Centre the large round template over the Wizard – every model underneath the template (including the hapless Wizard – they do not benefit from Look Out Sir! in this case) suffers a Strength 10 hit.
12+Damned By ChaosThe fibre of reality itself is torn apart as a passage to the Realm of Chaos opens. A gigantic taloned hand emerges from the gate, seizes the screaming Wizard and drags him through the rift, disappearing with a chuckle in a flare of multi-coloured light.The Wizard is annihilated and immediately removed as a casualty, regardless of any protective magic item or special rule they might have.

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