Warhammer: Unofficial 9th Edition


Norsca v1.1 Full Release

The Norsca full release is out. Notable changes and rule updates affected on the website are listed below:

  • Updated: Counter Charge

  • Updated: Skald

  • Reavers/Helmsman are now Ld 8

  • Huntmasters are now BS 5 and A 1

  • Valkyrie are now Ld 9

  • Marauder Crew are now A 1

  • Werebeasts are now Ld 6

  • Frost Giants now have Ice Attacks

  • Updated: Cursed Ettin

  • Bitter Cruelty and Hammer Hand are separate rules for Cursed Ettin

  • Updated: Two-headed

  • Updated: Invocation of Thunder

  • Updated: Dragonslayer

  • Ice Fang Axe clarified as Multiple Wound (D3)

  • Updated: Scrimshaw Talisman

  • Added caveat to Sagas: "No Saga may be taken more than once per army (not including Special Characters)."

  • Updated: Saga of the Relentless Warrior

  • Updated: The Crusher

  • The Swaying Spear changed to 55 points

  • Tyrfang changed to 40 points

  • Armour of Beowulf chanted to 50 points

  • Updated: Shield of Svalinn

  • Updated: The Gleaming Torc

  • Updated: Bone of Ullr

  • Girdle of Might changed to 55 points