Warhammer: Unofficial 9th Edition

Taking a Break Test

A Break test is a type of Leadership test. However, before rolling the dice, the difference between the winner's combat result score and the loser's is applied as a penalty to the defeated unit's Leadership. If the total is less than or equal to the loser's modified Leadership, the unit stands its ground and settles in for another round of fighting – this close combat has finished for the turn. If the total is greater than the unit's modified Leadership value then the unit has broken and will flee. Note that this modified Leadership is used only for the Break test and any subsequent attempt to make a combat reform
(explained later).

Example: a unit must take a Break test with a -3 penalty to their Leadership, because the difference between the scores was 3. The unit has Leadership value (8) but with the extra -3 penalty their Leadership is reduced to 5 for this test, therefore the player will have to roll 5 or less to stand and fight. The player rolls 2D6 and scores 7 – this is greater than the unit's modified Leadership, so the unit has broken and will flee.

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